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It’s so much cheaper and easier.” I was living from downtown to downtown, and I liked it. We come across like a happy couple that’s supportive and makes each other better. SN: Some people on reality TV take issue with how their lives are edited. SN: Plenty of people do get into reality TV for that very reason. There’s days we fight, that we don’t like each other, but it’s fun. I scream at the TV and get mad at the coach for not playing my boyfriend enough. But I do it all in my living room, not on social media. Well two-time Stanley Cup champion and Albertan Darryl Sutter, who is the head coach of the LA Kings, knows a thing or two about the timeline for a rebuild.“If you pick really high..especially the way the salary cap is and the way the lottery is – you pick really high for a number of years.rebuild should be winning championships within three or four years,” said Sutter.“I’m from Alberta. But if they were, it might be like last year, we might not make it,” said Sutter.NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is far from cupid, because he’s banking on hockey fans still tuning in to Canadian players competing on the American teams in the post season.“As long as the hockey is entertaining and exciting and competitive we’re hoping and expecting that fans will tune in and watch great hockey,” he stated.According to the online dating site, losses on the ice could lead to luck in love.The matchmakers said 21 per cent of Canadian singles admit to dating less during the playoffs.It is a significant improvement on last year’s 19,000 toys.The Hitmen went on to win 2-1 against the Swift Current Broncos.

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The two were first spotted talking at a charity event at the start of the year (while she was still with contractor Gary Anderson), and Nate grabbed fans' attention earlier this month when he posted a picture of them together at the Lady Ducks fashion show.

A pair of friends in Halifax found unlikely success in their bid to find dates to a hockey game after taking inspiration from a Hollywood movie.

Nick Hartling and Connor Beck consider each other best friends and share a love for hockey and humour.

That might mean more money in your pocket, more sleep with no late night games and maybe…just maybe…meeting someone special. Oilers fans, like the team they love, are experiencing a drought.

When it comes to individual team’s fans’ so called “game”, the survey said Calgary fans start off hot and then fizzle out… The absence of the playoff beard might be a good thing for single ladies.