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Jamie Wingate, who works at the Royal Mail in nearby Rosehill, said he overheard officers talking about "bringing in the army".It is likely this will refer to a bomb disposal squad.That might surprise our American cousins, considering BOOM was the most frequently produced play in the US from 2009 – 2010.

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A cordon remains in a place while this assessment takes place.Meaning we are willing to spread our wings and open to new things.Fits me to a tee" Flying Solo is an inspirational concept for single people in London. We arrange social gatherings, networking, mingles, meals and parties for our members to meet up on a regular basis, make new friends, have fun and have a great time.Guests of the opposite sex will match your identity, and the challenge is to circulate as widely and speedily as possible and have as much fun doing it as you can.Once you’ve found your match, head over to the prize table for your raffle ticket and 'trick or treat' to see if you've won! All women will be given locks and all men will be given keys.