Tabo chat line dating someone while going through a divorce

If I humored them and didn't block them (as I should've,) does that make me the bad guy in this situation? Minor issues aren't a problem here, I was more worried if talking about the taboo itself was illegal.

I haven't spoken to them in years, I've just always been curious. Talking to someone and then the conversation ending with "Here comes my (Relative,) brb" when the discussion was about incest was unnerving.

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At one time, I tried out the chat rooms and starting talking to two people who: - Claimed to be brother and sister - Claimed to be in their late20's We got to talking, and for some reason that I can't honestly remember, things turned sexual. Either way, the conversation eventually came to incest, and how the two of them did it regularly, and were more than happy to share the whole tale with me for some reason. I only talk to people who tell me they are 18 or above, to my knowledge.

My question is this: Is chatting about incest an illegal thing, even if I have no idea if the act is going on? If it's ever a minor, I instantly block the person. I have no real proof of this, but if anything under 18 would've been the age they said, it would've been blocking time.