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The center is a multi-user facility, available to all NSF-supported researchers and students as well as researchers from around the world.NSF funding allows us to reduce the cost of NSF-supported research by ~50%, with additional support available to subsidize research conducted by students.Today, we speak with educators from both sides of the state line to learn about the rigors and rewards of teaching in the inner-city.While communities across the country deal with dramatic increases in illegal opioid use, statistics in Johnson County suggest rates of death and addiction closer to home are relatively more stable.Workers under 14 years of age (with a few exceptions) cannot be employed.Again, most companies are covered by the federal law. Sets forth licensing procedures for private employment agencies covered by the act.These instruments were acquired with support from the University of Arizona, the National Science Foundation, and Exxon Mobil Upstream Research.

) Steve Walker As summer wanes, students and teachers across all metro districts are getting ready for a new school year, but the challenges faced by teachers in urban settings can differ greatly from their suburban colleagues.

They knew when a particular rain would fall, its color, duration, intensity, path, sound, scent, and effect on the land and their lives.

“ contains story after story, song after song about the land,” said Gonzalez.

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Please contact George Gehrels (Director of the ALC; [email protected]) for general questions about the lab, or Mark Pecha (Manager of the ALC; [email protected]) for specific information about analytical methods, schedules, costs, letters of collaboration, etc.