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“One time he played Russian roulette on me,” she said, without revealing his name.

“He put one bullet in a gun and pointed it at my face.

He ends up sending her flowers and the two get back together!

Meanwhile, Dom and Richard are extremely angry at each other after their fight.

This afternoon, they say this was confirmed with Christina Milian dating Brandon Wilds, the running back for the New York Jets, and photos surfaced.

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She is reputably and famously working as being the American singer, songwriter and along with the actress.

When she was 19 years old she made her way inside the singing and hence signed a contract with Def Jam.

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Recently, she has found herself involved in dating rumors.Watch the clip above to see Dom and Carmen's conversation! Nicole is in a long distance relationship with Tampa Bay Buccaneers football player Larry English, so Nicole and Christina have a lot in common.When Nicole arrives at Christina's barbeque they start talking about how they make it work with their men."So how's it going, you being on the road, Larry in Tampa?Dom Talks to Carmen Milian After His Fight With Richard: After Dom and Richard's explosive fight, Dom comes home and tells Carmen Milian all about it.Dom explains what happened and tells Carmen that Richard said he doesn't take care of his family in France."If that was in France, I'd f--k him up," Dom says.