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Apartments in buildings rehabilitated or newly constructed after January 1, 1974 are not rent regulated unless the owner has taken advantage of special tax abatement programs known as the J-51 and 421-a programs.

Note that there are a number of exceptions to these generalizations. Newcomers need not concern themselves with rent control since rent controlled apartments either "go to market" or fall under rent stabilization upon vacancy.

Lastly, if the check or money order was for more than 75,000, you could be convicted of a second degree crime.

Individuals interested in vindicating their rights under the NYCHRL can choose to file a complaint with the Commission’s Law Enforcement Bureau within one (1) year of the discriminatory act or file a complaint in New York State Supreme Court within three (3) years of the discriminatory act.The NYCHRL covers employers with four or more employees.The Fair Chance Act (“FCA”), effective October 27, 2015, amends the NYCHRL by making it an unlawful discriminatory practice for most employers, labor organizations, and employment agencies to inquire about or consider the criminal history of job applicants until after extending conditional offers of employment.Certain positions are exempt from the FCA, as described in Section VII of this Guidance. While the FCA does not require employers to hire candidates whose convictions are directly related to a job or pose an unreasonable risk, it ensures that individuals with criminal histories are considered based on their qualifications before their conviction histories.