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(45 games, 10 players, 13 discussion pages, crosstable.)Top seeds include Leko, Andreikin, Navara, Jakovenko, Jobava, Kryvoruchko, Ponomariov, Matlakov, Naiditsch, Rodshtein, Tomashevsky, Bacrot, Howell, et al.(1,096 games, 308 players, 3 discussion pages, crosstable.)A 12-team double round-robin featuring most of the strongest Chinese players.The main game is frequently comical, as your weirdly tall and thin or wide and squat bears grumble and fidget while you figure out how to use a selection of tiles that appear to only make words you'd otherwise get from mashing a keyboard with your head.There are drawbacks in the game's weird freemium system, which includes energy timers ('honey') and baffling collectable bear power-ups.But the former can be removed with a £4.99 IAP if you can't wait for a furry fix.

(28 games, 8 players, 1 discussion page, crosstable.)Anne Haast is the 2017 Dutch Champion after beating Tea Bosboom-Lanchava by tiebreaks.

Freezy D 12/28/2015 1 year ago She's part of the fraud but I'll handle it.

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A style and a Hollywood attitude are the perfect accessories for these best friends as they hit the sunset strip in their most cutting edge clothes. Join Neo Cleo on her journey from dusty desert queen of empires past to glitzy glammed out celebutaunt of the moment!

Dressed in cutting edge emo and accessorized with gold from a time gone by she ...