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“When the opportunity arose I took it, because I was there [during the NWA years], too,” she says. It’s from his nails when he picked me up by my neck. I also have a scar on my leg and [on] my rib.” Toussaint says she thinks Knight will have a different view of the Lifetime movie.

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He has a tendency to let United down and although Mourinho believes that Fellaini offers the side something completely unique, it’s just not been good enough once again.

This week, in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor reveals what led him to his decision, and he also candidly discusses "Isaiahgate," coming out of the closet, and leaving his friends at Seattle Grace.

This fall, Knight was surprised to see his character George O'Malley all but vanish from the show -- for the first nine episodes of season 5, he appeared on screen a total of only 48 minutes, compared to 114 for Sandra Oh's Christina.

The movie covers her relationship with Dre (Curtis Hamilton) — they have a 25-year-old son — and with Marion “Suge” Knight, played by R.

Marcos Taylor, reprising his “Straight Outta Compton” role. ’ and he said, ‘This is juice from the ’hood.’ We had it with some chips. He didn’t have a car, a license or a job,” she says. I didn’t have any aspirations of becoming a singer.