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I think the most real account of how he is comes from his friend Stacy Nam, who once said that he is really like a gentleman in real life but also prone to bursts of unreasonableness and jealousy and too much seriousness like any other human being.

But we also know from Suju that Siwon is the first to apologize when he messes up, that he can’t deal with fights and wants to break off the tension, that he tries to approach things from a clear-headed perspective even though he doesn’t always achieve it.)Like, I believe him entirely when he said in the confessional part of the show (which I think is real commentary from them on whatever it is the show is having them do) that any guy would enjoy a personal victoria’s secret fashion show.

The thought bubble where they played her VS shoots in his head was so stupid omg.

They had no idea what he was thinking irl, and it’s stuff like that that reminds me that this is really scripted.

Some comments even point out that the picture prior to the latest is a picture of Siwon’s dog, and he may be talking about his dog.

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