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Leading guitarist, composer and entrepreneur Ousso talks about his hopes for the music scene, how he made it to the top, and the latest initiative he has launched to teach young talents various instruments online.

The Apprentice attracts an odd assortment of people. “It was more than a fling and they developed feelings for each other. “Whenever he was in London they enjoyed going to clubs and having fun.

And while the 200m is his favourite distance, the ultimate showman is well aware the 100m is the blue riband spectacle, the race that puts him on the highest pedestal.

The reality hunk shared a passionate kiss with Johnny's current love interest, Tyla Carr, during a game of spin the bottle.

But the professional athlete, who hails from Bath, may have to deal with yet more controversy when he returns home from the Island.

The 25-year-old joined the villa with other newbie Jamie Jewitt and ruffled more than a few feathers.

Theo went on a string of blind dates which riled up the male Islanders, especially Jonny Mitchell.