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If you are interested in the application of science to criminal investigations, a degree in Forensic Science is ideal.The interdisciplinary degree explores the collection, analysis and interpretation of scientific evidence, in an integrated approach, with plenty of case studies.Our radiometric detection systems are designed around your application needs related to gamma counting, beta counting, and other types of radiochemical detection and measurement.Our 60 years of experience and innovation in liquid scintillation analysis results in unmatched service and applications expertise.This exciting area of science is delivered with expertise from professional forensic practitioners.If you would like to study one of our science degrees at Kingston University but are not yet ready to join the first year of a BSc(Hons) course, you can include an extra foundation year within your chosen degree.System provides advanced radiometric and luminescent detection abilities for GPCRs, kinases, reporter gene assays, and traditional liquid scintillation counting.

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Year 2 introduces specialist topics in forensic biology.

electromagnetic radiation,energy radiated in the form of a wave as a result of the motion of electric charges.

A moving charge gives rise to a magnetic field, and if the motion is changing (accelerated), then the magnetic field varies and in turn produces an electric field......

While atomic power was promoted for a time as the epitome of progress and modernity, entering into the nuclear power era also entailed frightful implications of nuclear warfare, the Cold War, mutually assured destruction, nuclear proliferation, the risk of nuclear disaster (potentially as extreme as anthropogenic global nuclear winter), as well as beneficial civilian applications in nuclear medicine.

It is no easy matter to fully segregate peaceful uses of nuclear technology from military or terrorist uses (such as the fabrication of dirty bombs from radioactive waste), which complicated the development of a global nuclear-power export industry right from the outset.