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intriguing quotations, enjoy some chilfree humor, visit some interesting organized links, and much more!6) I want to focus my time and energy on my own interests, needs, or goals.Postfamilial America is in ascendancy as the fertility rate among women has plummeted, since the 2008 economic crisis and the Great Recession that followed, to its lowest level since reliable numbers were first kept in 1920. For many individual women considering their own lives and careers, children have become a choice, rather than an inevitable milestone—and one that comes with more costs than benefits.

Women are judged for conforming or not conforming to this gender role of being caring mothers," she says.

The Childfree Life “A helpful resource for anyone interested in the childfree life! 5) I want to accomplish/experience things in life that would be difficult to do if I was a parent.

Childfree Webring Over 40 sites related to being childfree Child-Free Zone why more people are choosing NOT to be parents By Susan J, and David L. Child-free Zone also an organization to promote non parenthood. Childless by Choice Project A source of information.

That compares to 11 per cent in 1996, and 9 per cent in 1986.

But what does this choice of childlessness mean for women at different stages of their life?