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Metros, short for metropolitan railways, are defined by the International Association of Public Transport (L'Union Internationale des Transports Publics, or UITP) as urban guided transport systems "operated on their own right of way and segregated from general road and pedestrian traffic.They are consequently designed for operations in tunnel, viaducts or on surface level but with physical separation in such a way that inadvertent access is not possible.A judge in federal court in Denver on Friday dismissed all claims a former radio DJ accused of groping Taylor Swift made against her, but one of the claims still stands against her mother and her manager. President Donald Trump says he’s not going to rule out any military intervention in Venezuela which has come under increased pressure for its human rights abuses.More than 120 people have been killed in the Latin American country and thousands..The topic for this event was “Executive Impersonation Fraud,” which was presented by David S.

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Though the term was almost always used to describe rail transportation, other forms of transit were sometimes described by their proponents as rapid transit, including local ferries in some cases.The pace was fast, the information was plentiful, and the participants were both helpful and inspiring.In each speed-dating-style mini-meeting, a student sat with an industry professional to discuss interests, career paths, and industries. Our Promoting CPA Careers Committee’s primary responsibility is to develop programs to promote our CPA profession. and feature members with different specializations who come and present.This is achieved by hosting at least two events each fiscal year at our Society’s office located at 14 Wall Street, to educate high school students and their teachers about our profession. If you are available to present at one of our up coming Career Day events to help promote our prestigious profession, please contact Barbara A. On another note, on May 4, we hosted a two-hour CPE event at 14 Wall Street.